What Kind of Co-Parents Are You and Your Ex?

There are three categories of co-parents.  Which are you? Mother with baby in carrier

Cooperative Parenting (25-30% of co-parents)

These parents plan jointly and provide support to each other when needed. They are flexible and communicate well with very little conflict.

Parallel Parenting (>50%)

These parents have low communication levels, but they also have low conflict.  They are disengaged from each other, but still co-parent effectively.

Conflicted Relationship (<25%)

These parents have frequent, but poor communication and high levels of conflict.  One or both parents may still be inappropriately enmeshed in their prior relationship.

According to Dr. Joan B. Kelly:

“Cooperative co-parenting promotes resiliency in children because of the parents’ ability to resolve differences on their own or with mediators or therapists as they arise.  It has been reported that children whose parents engage in conflict-free parallel parenting also appear to thrive, as long as they have adequate parenting in both homes and well articulated parenting agreements and orders specifying contact and when joint decision making that is required will occur.”

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