10 Signs Your Marriage Might Be Over

Quarreling couple

Through all the trials and tribulations, you expect your marriage to survive it all. At least, that’s what you said in your vows. Not many actually realize how challenging it is to maintain a successful marriage.

At what point after countless fights, marriage counseling sessions, and attempts at reigniting the spark do you throw in the towel? You may be stuck in a limbo where you’re unsure if your relationship can be salvaged or if it’s time to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Is It Over?

Divorces can be messy, overwhelming, and cost a lot of money. Plus, you don’t want to begin the process only to realize that you want to stay together. You should not get one unless you’re absolutely sure of it. If your answers to these questions are “yes,” it may be time to have the divorce conversation.

  • Have your goals and aspirations changed? Do they still include your partner?

  • Do you and your spouse continually bring up past regrets and hurtful events?

  • Are you still interested in fixing the problems between you and your spouse?

  • Do you still work together as a team?

  • Is there a lack of respect in your relationship?

  • Has there been infidelity that you cannot move past?

  • Do you constantly think about how your life would be without your spouse?

  • Have you and your spouse changed and you no longer share critical values?

  • Does your partner mistreat you or with indifference?

  • Is there a lack of intimacy?

If you’ve concluded that divorce is the best option for you, the next step is to consult a skilled lawyer who can guide you through the process. At Knies, Helland & McPherson, we understand how stressful divorce can be. Our attorneys are ready to provide their knowledge, experience, and compassion to help alleviate the burden.

The attorneys at Knies, Helland & McPherson are here to partner with you for a successful future. Schedule a consultation with our Colorado Springs lawyers today by calling us at (719) 626-8530.

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