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Unbundled Family Law Services

Offering ‘A La Carte’ Services in Colorado Springs

At Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, our attorneys know that every family and every situation is unique. We have structured our law firm very differently than other firms. Founding attorneys Jennifer Knies, Jennifer Helland and Kelly McPherson carefully evaluate each situation they encounter, and they customize a legal plan forward that is right for each family.

From traditional divorce to mediation and arbitration, we can help clients with simple and complex family law issues. Want to spend a couple hours better understanding your options? We are here for you. Want us to review a proposed settlement or the recommendation of another attorney? We are here for you. Want help with spreadsheets or financial calculations? We are here for you.

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Is it possible to get through a legal family issue without a lawyer? Yes. Is it possible to hire a lawyer for just one or a few legal services? With Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, the answer is “yes,” and we encourage you to learn about our unbundled family law services.

At Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, we understand that there may be times when people need to handle a family legal matter but wish or need to take on that responsibility themselves. Some do it to try to save money. Others may already have some legal experience or simply enjoy the challenge.

Whatever the reason, it still might be a good idea to get legal help for parts of the legal process that perhaps become too complex or time consuming. To meet these needs, we offer a complete line of essentially, “a la carte” legal services to help you when you are preparing to represent your own family law case in Court.

A La Carte Services

At Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, we offer the following a la carte family law services:

  • Legal Advice: We will provide you legal advice in-person, with follow-up on the phone or by email regarding position, case, or waivers
  • Explaining Legal Process: We will help explain the legal process so you can better prepare your case.
  • Explain Documents and Deadlines: We will review and explain legal documents and advise you on your response times to these documents.
  • Document Review and Guidance: We will review documents you receive and provide information on how to respond.
  • Document Preparation: We can prepare documents for you in response to any legal documents you have received.
  • Preparation of Evidence: We can help prepare witnesses, exhibits, and explain the Rules of Evidence.
  • Factual Investigation: We investigate witnesses and evaluate responses.
  • Legal Research and Analysis: We can conduct the necessary legal research and analyze any legal information that may be relevant to your case.
  • Marital Spreadsheet Preparation: We can create a spreadsheet that will help ensure your division of assets and debts will be accepted by the court.
  • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Calculations: We can use the state guidelines to prepare accurate child support and spousal support amounts.
  • Negotiations Preparations: We will advise you on what to expect and what to seek out during negotiations.
  • Attend Mediation or Settlement Conference.
  • Provide Post-Order Remedies and Relief Information.

We offer each of these services individually and clients can take advantage of as many of these services as necessary to complete their case.

Limitations to Our A La Carte Services

When you use the unbundled services offered by Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, there are a few restrictions on what our attorneys can do for your case.

These restrictions include:

  • Providing full legal representation services while you are still submitting documents listed as Pro Se (self-representing).
  • We cannot track the progress of your case or manage any of your deadlines.
  • We will not communicate with the opposing counsel or the opposing party regarding your case or any part of the case, unless specifically outlined in our engagement agreement.

Your Responsibilities Regarding Your Case

When you self-represent your case, you must understand that you are responsible for all the following activities:

  • Management of all the deadlines for your case for submitting paperwork, evidence, and court documents.
  • Meet all deadlines and requests for discovery and disclosure requests.
  • Filing all the required Pleadings with the court and with opposing counsel.
  • Communicating with the court and opposing counsel.
  • Understanding all the Rules of Procedure, Laws and Court Rules that apply to your case.

When to Hire a Lawyer Full Time

At Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, we support the right for a person to self-represent their case in court. Therefore, we offer several pick-and-choose services to our clients to help them on their journey. However, we also encourage our clients to use an attorney if they become overwhelmed with the process.

The court may allow you to self-represent, but they also require any person who does so to uphold all the Rules of Evidence Procedure and follow all the rules of the court just like and experienced attorney.

If you find that you are overwhelmed by your current case and need assistance, we encourage you to seek representation from an attorney at Knies, Helland & McPherson Law today. We will let you know if it is in your best interest to use our unbundled services or if you may be better off with full legal representation. Call us today to ask us more about our a la carte family law services.

Ask us about our unique introductory consultation, where we can walk you through all the various options available to you. Call us at (719) 626-8530 or contact us online to begin.


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  • We would not want anyone other than Kelly and Stephanie to see this to the end.

    Yvette J.
  • They're all very genuine and actually care about your case.

    Megan Y.
  • Kelly is an amazing attorney you can trust and will take the time to listen to you

    Lisa N.
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  • Experience

    The partners and attorneys at Knies, Helland & McPherson are seasoned litigators with decades of combined courtroom experience. We help clients transition into the next phase of their life. 

  • Clients Come First
    Our Attorneys believe you can part ways with a loved one with dignity and respect, without harming your children. They also believe divorce and mediation can be much less confrontational and toxic, and far less expensive.
  • Personalized Service
    When you work with our team, you will get a customized plan that best fits your unique situation. No two cases are the same and our attorneys understand this.
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    As Mothers and friends, our approach is unique in that we work collectively as a team. Our firm's number one priority is the success of our clients. We strongly believe that the best outcomes come about when we collaborate.
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