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Are you seeking professional help to resolve a family law issue? Arbitration might be the right option for your situation. At Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, our arbitration attorneys are here to help you understand and get through the arbitration process. Our lawyers can represent you in an arbitration or provide you with a la carte arbitration services.

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Divorce can become complicated very quickly. Couples who have opted to for this legal process may find it difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with each other. This inability or refusal to negotiate the terms of the divorce can lead to an extensive divorce proceeding that is both emotionally difficult and financially exhausting. The attorneys at Knies, Helland & McPherson law understand the difficulties clients you may face during this process and could recommend family arbitration to resolve your situation. Our attorneys believe that the best answer to a difficult situation may come from a third party.

What Is a Family Law Arbitration?

The use of an arbitrator (or arbiter) in family law cases is not uncommon. Like using a mediator as a third party to help sort things out in the case, an arbiter helps negotiations. However, the difference between an arbiter and a mediator is that the conclusion or judgment of the arbitrator is a legally binding decision for both parties.

When an arbitrator is brought in, they will listen to both sides of the discussion and then they will review all the aspects of the case. The arbitrator will ask questions and research laws concerning the issues that cannot be resolved and then they will present a final decision to each side. This final decision is what both parties must adhere to from that point forward.

Knies, Helland & McPherson Law will recommend arbitration when negotiations and mediation has failed in one or more of the parts of the legal process. It is our belief that couples may need the extra help of a neutral party to come to an agreement in these highly emotional negotiations. The use of an arbitrator helps our clients reduce the time spent on the divorce, keeps the divorce out of the court system until finalization, and helps manage the overall costs of their case.

Arbiter vs. Arbitrator - What's the Difference?

The difference between an arbiter and an arbitrator is subtle. Basically, an arbiter can determine the outcome for any type of dispute, while arbitrators can only settle disputes that occur during the arbitration process.

What Are the Benefits of Arbitration?

There are several benefits to using family law arbitration as part of the family law proceedings.

These benefits include:

  • Arbitration is a legally binding process. When each party realizes that the decisions made as part of the arbitration will be permanent, they are often more open to negotiating the terms of the divorce.
  • An arbitrator has more time to devote to reviewing the case. Unlike taking the problem before a judge, the arbitrator can take the time to understand and review all the points made by each side. This extra benefit allows both parties to feel more comfortable with the decision.
  • The arbiter can customize the process, depending upon the preferences of the parties. The process can be very formal, almost like a court proceeding, or it can be much less formal, with significantly relaxed rules of evidence. This may be a very good choice for parties who are not represented by an attorney.
  • If either party is having a very difficult time communicating with the former spouse, the arbitrator can work as a neutral party that listens to both sides without taking sides. Many people find it easier to contain their emotions if they feel someone is really listening to their side of the issue.
  • Using an arbitrator can reduce the time necessary to finalize the case.
  • Arbitrators can resolve issues the parties are having trouble agreeing on.

How Long Can Arbitration Take?

The length of time it takes for arbitration will depend on the case and the issues being addressed. However, arbitration is often the quickest way to come to a conclusion in hard-to-settle divorce cases. Even when the arbitrator has to take some extra time to review laws or documents, the entire process will almost always be much faster than awaiting a court date and decision from a judge.

To help speed up the process, the attorneys at Knies, Helland & McPherson Law encourage their clients to:

  • Show up to every scheduled meeting on time and avoid rescheduling
  • Be prepared to provide any requested documents
  • Bring additional documents only if they pertain to the subject discussed at the meeting
  • Keep the discussions on point to avoid having to schedule additional meetings for the same issue
  • Ask for a five-minute break during the meeting if you are feeling emotional over the issues
  • Approach the issues with an open mind to encourage progress

Do I Need an Attorney?

It will usually be in your best interest to have quality legal representation during a divorce or any family law matter. Family law can be very complicated and if a wrong decision is made during the negotiations, a person can walk away with less than they should have received.

At Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, we believe that having legal representation during a family law matter is more than just having someone prepare and file legal paperwork. It is about partnering with a law firm that takes your best interest to heart and helps you solve the tough issues concerning your case.

Additionally, we believe that each of our clients benefit from our teamwork. While each attorney manages their own case at Knies, Helland & McPherson Law, they also rely on the team for information and support to make sure that every case that is handled in the law firm receives the best legal representation.

We also understand that some people may wish to file their own court papers. We encourage those who are using the DIY family law method to take advantage of one of our a la carte legal services for any questions or concerns you may have about your case. We offer a complete line of family law related services for a flat or hourly rate.

Fostering Alternative Legal Solutions

If you are looking for a Mediation and Arbitration solution to your family law dispute, we can help. We are one of Colorado Springs’ top law firms and garner favorable outcomes for many of our clients.

Please contact our office online or call at (719) 626-8530 to learn more about your options for family law arbitration.


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