Substance Abuse and Parenting Time in Colorado

KHM Law recently received training on evaluating substance abuse allegations and the effects of Pillssubstance abuse on parenting.  If you are going through a divorce or custody case and substance abuse by a parent is an issue, here are a few things you should know:

Impact of Substance Abuse on Parents

A parent who suffers from substance abuse are more impulsive in the way the react to children. A parent who suffers from substance abuse may be “triggered” when children misbehave and react inappropriately. Addicted or alcoholic parents may show less warmth to children. Substance abuse has also been found to seriously impact the ability of separated or divorced parties to co-parents.  Substance abuse is likely to decrease co-parenting, lead to more parental conflict, and more aggression between the parties.  This might be something to consider when determining decision-making authority, Addicted or alcoholic parents need treatment to become and remain sober, which is an extensive process and not one that is typically complete after a month or two of sobriety.

Impact of a Parent’s Substance Abuse on Kids

Children of addicted or alcoholic parents show lower abilities to control their feelings and behavior. Child of addicted or alcoholic parents have a higher risk of being neglected or abused. Children that have substance abusing parents are more likely to have conduct or mood disorders, and are more likely to develop substance abuse issues of their own.

A parent’s substance abuse is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in your divorce or custody case.  If you have a case involving substance abuse, contact the Colorado Springs attorneys at KHM Law to help develop an appropriate parenting and treatment plan to keep the kids safe and get the family health.

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