Can I Date While Pursuing A Divorce?

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As you pursue your divorce, you may be preparing for your emergence into the dating world. Whether it be the first date with someone new or seeing an old flame, dating following your divorce can be an exciting new period of your life. Do you know when you should start dating as you begin your next chapter?

Dating During Your Divorce

While there is no law that prohibits individuals from dating other people during the divorce process, it can cause complications. As you work with your spouse to dissolve your marriage, beginning a new relationship might complicate how you handle your divorce. Instead of focusing on the dissolution of one relationship, you may now be splitting your time between the divorce and the new relationship.

Waiting Until You Are Ready

While you may feel ready to test the waters, it may be difficult to date freely as you divorce. Just like your social media activity, your online activity on websites and dating apps can be used as evidence in court during a contested divorce to prove you are an unfit parent or unable to handle the responsibility of parenting. If you would not like your spouse or others to see your online dating profiles, you should wait until the divorce is finalized to go ahead and create those accounts.

By waiting until your divorce is final, you are also giving yourself the space you need to prepare for your entrance into the dating world. During this time, you can determine what you do and don’t want in your relationship and ultimately what you are looking for.

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorneys

At Knies, Helland & McPherson, we understand that your divorce may be one of the toughest times of your life. Our experienced divorce attorneys are prepared to guide you through your divorce and any issues that may arise from it.

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