3 Things To Do When Your Children Want to Bring Their Pets To Their Other Parent’s Home

boy and his cat

Navigating joint custody with your children may be difficult as your children travel back and forth between homes. While they may travel with necessities, such as special toys, backpacks, and anything else they feel is important to have at both homes, it can become complicated when they wish to bring their pets. Our Colorado Springs child custody attorneys share three tips on how to handle your child wanting to travel back and forth with their pets.

Discuss With The Other Parent

After your child explains they wish to bring their pet from home to home, open up a conversation about your child’s wishes with their other parent. If your child has a stepparent, include them in the conversation as well, since it is their home too. Together, you can discuss if the parent is willing to open their home to the pet or any concerns you both may have. Consider any extenuating circumstances or unique needs of the pet, as a weekly journey may be detrimental to your child’s goldfish or lizard.

Coordinate Logistics

If your child’s other parent is open to letting your child travel with the pet back and forth, you may want to discuss logistics so both parents will be well informed. You may want to discuss:

  • Responsibilities of your child with the care of the animal
  • Where the animal would be housed at each home
  • What resources the pet needs to be well cared for in each home
  • How the pet will move from home to home

If your child transfers from home after school, you may need to create a new plan to include the pet. During this process, keep an open mind and understand that while you work through the logistics, it may not be feasible to continue this plan. Talking through the details can help you work this out and ultimately determine if Fido will go back and forth from home to home.

If the other parent is unwilling to house the animal while your child resides in their home or if it would be unsuitable for that pet to travel, you should discuss how you wish to share the news with the child and create a plan for the pet in your home.

Tell Your Child

After you and your child’s other parent make your decision, you should plan some time to discuss your plan with your child. When you discuss this change with your child, make sure to give them a chance to ask questions about this and explain how you came to this decision. Keeping your children informed can help them as they navigate this new normal and plan for their pet as well.

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