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How To Legally Change Your Name in Colorado

1. Identify and Follow the Correct Colorado Legal Name Change Process

  • Marriage - A Colorado state marriage license serves as proof of a marital name change. You can sign the certificate in your new name once the marriage is finalized, which can then be used to update other documents.

  • Divorce - You can request a name change during the divorce and the court will typically grant the request. You can also wait to restore your previous name after the divorce is final.
  • Petition for a Change of Name - This generally involves: Filling out a petition and filing it with the court; Verifying the petition by affidavit; Providing your reasons for changing your name; Submitting a criminal history check, at your expense, to the court and disclosing any additional criminal dispositions; Publishing notice of your petition in a local newspaper three times, and filing proof of publication with the court; and attending a court hearing where the court will consider your petition.

2. File the Appropriate Paperwork With Government Agencies

You will need to update your social security card, driver's license and passport. See below for more information about each agency.

3. Provide Updated Information for Non-Government Entities

Contact your bank, insurance company, creditors and similar entities to let them know about your name change.

Name Change Resources for Colorado Residents

Social Security Card

If you legally change your name because of marriage, divorce, court order or any other reason, you must tell social security so you can get a corrected card. You cannot apply for a card online, you must fill out an application and turn it into the local social security office. This service is free.

DMV Name Change

When visiting the DMV, you must bring the letter from the social security administration that verifies your name change or your social security card displaying your new name. You’ll need to bring in a certified name–change document, such as your marriage license or court order.


You must have your current passport to apply for a new one. Visit the site above and select ‘passport renewal’ to get the right forms.


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